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Safari Snorkel V-SPEC – LandRover Defender TD5 & 4


Vehicle Fitment:
Land Rover

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Safari R-Spec Recreational Snorkel for 4x4s and SUV
Safari’s Recreational Snorkels are designed for most 4WDs and SUVs, with Safari’s own famous design to incease the cool air flow on a modern day diesel or petrol SUV pulling cool air away from the radiant heat of the engine bay, this improves the performance over the stock air cleaner housing from your standard 4×4 or SUV, while still providing a water tight raised air intake. This means you can match the expected higher volume of air necessary to get the performance you need out of your 4WD. Because Safari Snorkels are Designed and Made in Australia you know they’re built from materials suited to the long dry heat in the desert through to the nippy temperatures up the mountains in winter. Using Safari’s own industrial spec UV Stabilised polthene and a 5 year warranty, you’re buying yourself an investment.

If you’re wading through rivers on the weekends you need to protect your investment by fitting a Safari Snorkel. Using a quality sealed high effiency snorkel will prevent water getting into you air box and hydro locking your engine, that can essentially leave you stranded in the bush or even worse, requiring an engine rebuild. Safari Snorkels are available in 3 different specifications for the recreational use with the R-Spec simple design, the sleek current model V-spec 4WD Snorkel and then the Best version of them all, the ARMAX performance snorkel designed for out-right performance and protection when it comes to looking after your prized possession.