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Kingone TDS-9.5H 9500lb Winch Syn Rope


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– Heavy duty series wound motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed.
3 stage planetary gearbox delivers the most reliable and durable performance of winch under the worst condition.
– Automatic,double cone brake.
– Rotating ring gear clutch have the free spooling positioned actually for the rapid pay out of wire rope with ease.
– Installation ,operation and maintenance with ease.

Line pull:4,309kgs/9,500lbs
Motor: 12V/5.2HP 24V/3.2HP
Gear Train: Three stage
Gear Ratio: 156:1
Freespooling Clutch: Rotating ring gear
Synthetic Rope Size: Φ11/31″×90′(Φ9.0mm×27m)
Drum Size: Φ2.5″×9″(Φ63.5mm×229mm)

Layer of Wire Rope Max Line Pull
1 9,500lbs/4,309kgs
2 7,800lbs/3,500kgs
3 6,550lbs/2,977kgs
4 5,700lbs/2,578kgs

LINE SPEED AND AMP DRAW(1st layer of Synthetic rope on the drum)
Load Line Speed AMP Draw(12V) AMP Draw(24V)
No Load 59FPM/18MPM 60 40
2,000lbs/907kgs 15.4FPM/4.7MPM 150 116
4,000lbs/1,814kgs 13.1FPM/4.0MPM 187 168
6,000lbs/2,722kgs 11.2FPM/3.4MPM 246 220
8,000lbs/3,650kgs 9.5FPM/2.9MPM 314 260
9,500lbs/4,309kgs 8.2FPM/2.5MPM 370 300

– Controller TA-0906
– Synthetic Rope With Hook
– Hawse fairlead TA-0921
– Control Unit TA-0949/12V TA-0950/24V
– Mounting Hardware
– Handsaver Strap

Winch Weight : 33kgs/72.6lbs
Gross Weight : 35kgs/77lbs
Box Dimension : 647×198×410 mm(25.5″×7.8″×16.1″)