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Kingone KDS 8.0 8000LBS Winch Synthetic Rope


Vehicle Fitment:
Not Vehicle Specific

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Heavy duty series wound motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed.
3 stage planetary gearbox delivers the most reliable and durable performance of winch under the worst condition.
Braking by flanges transmission.
Rotating ring gear clutch have the freespooling positioned actually for the rapid pay out of wire rope with ease.
Installation ,operation and maintenance with ease.
It’s total length is 520mm(20.5″).

Line pull:3,629kgs/8,000lbs
Motor: 12V/4.6HP
Gear Train: Three stage
Gear Ratio: 173:1
Brake: Flanges brake
Freespooling Clutch: Rotating ring gear
Drum Size: Φ2.5″×9″(Φ63.5mm×229mm)

1 8,000lbs/3,629kgs
2 6,557lbs/2,974kgs
3 5,510lbs/2,499kgs
4 4,790lbs/2,173kgs

LINE SPEED AND AMP DRAW(1st layer of rope on the drum)
Load Line Speed AMP Draw(12V)
No Load 46FPM/14MPM 65
2,000lbs/907kgs 14.8FPM/4.5MPM 120
4,000lbs/1,814kgs 11.5FPM/3.5MPM 190
6,000lbs/2,721kgs 6.5FPM/2.0MPM 270
8,000lbs/3,650kgs 5.9FPM/1.8MPM 380

Winch weight : 39kgs/85.8lbs
Gross Weight : 44.5kgs/97.9lbs
Box Dimension : 560×198×405 mm(22″×7.8″×16″)