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Keko Flex Soft Tonneau Cover Ford/Mazda 13+


Vehicle Fitment:
Ford - Ranger 06-09, Ford - Ranger 09-11, Ford - Ranger PX 11-15, Ford - Ranger PXII 15-18, Ford - Ranger PXIII 19-22, Ford - Ranger NG 22+, Ford - Ranger Raptor 18-22, Mazda - BT-50 11-15, Mazda - BT-50 15-18, Mazda - BT-50 18-19, Mazda - BT-50 20+

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With the Keko Bed Cover you do not have to worry. Dust, rain, mud, frost… all this remains outside. You can also relax concerning the vehicle preservation, as it protects the paintwork and structure of the dumpcart against oxidation and other daily damage.

Within all benefits that Keko Soft Tonneau Cover installation can brings to its user, there is one that will make your eyes get filled with delight: lowering fuel consumption. The development in all details makes Keko Soft Tonneau Cover to be more efficiency in aerodynamics. Air stream pass through truck and tonneau cover very splendid, providing a reduction of 15% in the fuel consumption. Protection and saving in one only product!

It comes with an extremely practical opening and closing system: with a single touch you unlock all the soft tonneau. And, what is more, it gives greater safety to your load, as when the pickup truck top is closed, the cover cannot be opened.

– Soft tonneau made of PVC, reinforced with polyester weaving resistant to sunlight, rain, cold and heat.
– Made with raw materials of high quality which further the durability and functionality of the product.
– The installation is simple and does not damage the vehicle, preserving its originality
– Safe closing system as it does not allow the opening of the soft tonneau externally with the pickup truck top closed.
– Practical opening and closing system which allows the soft tonneau to be unlocked with a single touch.
– Continuous and malleable side closing profile which facilitates the handling to open and close the cover.
– Developed exclusively for each vehicle.
– The total tightening of the soft tonneau together with the crossbars prevent the accumulation of water on it, guarding against the cover yielding over time.
– Sewed with nylon thread, which is more durable and resistant to bad weather.
– Edging done with the soft tonneau itself so that it does not dry and tear over time, as occurs with those in plastic.
– Solid aluminum locks which do not break over time, as opposed to the hollow locks existing in the market.
– Extruded aluminum profiles of high resistance.
– Sealing rubber in EVA on the sides which favors impermeability.
– A good installation ensures excellent finishing, which is essential to reduce the risks of water, dirt and other debris entering in the dumpcart.
– Approximate product weight: 11 kg.
– Developed in all details, Keko Soft Tonneau Cover has more efficiency in aerodynamics, providing a reduction of 15% in the fuel consumption.