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Toyota LC80 1HD-T 12 Valve Top Intercooler Kit


Vehicle Fitment:
Toyota - Landcruiser 80 Series 90-97

Available to order


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Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series Top Mount Air to Air Intercooler Kit.
Suitable for 1990-1994 1HD-T 12 Valve engine
80 series top mount air to air intercooler kit Suitable for toyota landcruiser 1990-1994 12 valve ,1HD-T
Fitting this kit will bring your EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) down – Improve the efficiency of your turbo – Protect your engine from turbo failure & produce more power and torque for your engine

Kit Contents:
1 x Intercooler with core size of 280 x 300 x 76mm
4 x Hose Clamps
2 x Silicone Hoses
1 x Bracket
1 x Connection pipe
1 x Bonnet scoop
1 x Cooling fan [Dependant on exact model]
1 x Wiring kit for cooling fan [Dependant on exact model]

We can supply and fit the kit for you or if you are looking for a weekend project we can supply just the kit.