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Ford Ranger/BT50 Intercooler kit 3.2L P5AT


Vehicle Fitment:
Ford - Ranger PX 11-15, Ford - Ranger PXII 15-18, Ford - Ranger PXIII 19-22, Mazda - BT-50 11-15, Mazda - BT-50 15-18, Mazda - BT-50 18-19

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Intercooler Piping Kit. Piping kit which replaces the pipes from the turbocharger to intercooler and the intercooler to inlet manifold. A convenient kit which allows the replacement of boost pipes which can frequently pop off in higher boost use and is recommended for tuning where the stock intercooler is still used.

– By having almost same layout as the stock layout, installation procedure is very simple.
– Polished Aluminum Finished Pipes improve engine compartment appearance.
– Increasing Horse Power And more fuel efficiency
– Humps at both ends to enhance stability
– Aluminum Pipes increase durability and safety.
– Higher durability than the stock plastic pipes and increased safety can prevent possible damage to the pipe.
– Aluminum Pipes improve engine response.
– Highly durable aluminum pipes prevent pipes’ deforming under high boost pressure and intake air expansion and compression so the engine response can be improved.

Fit for:
2012 – 2022 Ranger [ PX / PXII / PXIII ] T6 TDCi 3.2L
2012+ BT-50 UP / UR P5-AT 3.2L

Package Includes:
2 pcs intercooler piping
4 pcs Thick reinforced silicone Hoses
8 pcs Includes Heavy stainless clamp