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Clearview Tyre Spider


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On road or off road, the Clearview Tyre Spider™ helps manage your tyre pressure in all conditions.

The Clearview Tyre Spider™ is designed to speed up, simplify and reduce time bending down and kneeling at each tyre, while managing tyre pressures. Whether you’re driving on sand or through muddy/soft tracks, the Tyre Spider™ will quickly and easily assist you to evenly adjust the tyre pressures of your vehicle, caravan, or trailer.
Designed to work independently OR attached to your vehicle’s air-compressor, the Tyre Spider™ has four main functions:

Inflation – Inflate up to 4 tyres simultaneously via an air-compressor.
Borrow Air – Inflate a tyre without an air-compressor by borrowing air from up to 3 tyres.
Deflation – Deflate up to 4 tyres simultaneously.
Equalisation – Equalise tyre pressure across multiple tyres simultaneously.
The Tyre Spider™ allows you to easily stagger tyre pressures across any combination of tyres via the 4 controllable inlet valves and digital pressure gauge.

Features include:
– An easy to read, LED back-lit digital display for day or night use
– Measurement range of 0-60 PSI
– Capable of reading the tyre pressure in 4 different modes (PSA, Bar, KPa and Kg/cm2)
– 60PSI Balancing tank
– Includes 4 individual valves, one for each tyre and 1 main valve.
– Each kit contains two 5 metre hoses and two 8 metre hoses for simple application on the longest of wheel-based vehicles.
– The Tyre Spider™ can be used in almost any situation!