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Clearview Compact Tow Mirrors LR Discovery 3&4 IEB


Vehicle Fitment:
Land Rover

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CVC-LR-D34-IEB | Clearview Compact Towing Mirrors Pair | Land Rover Discovery 4, Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2005-2013 | Black | Features: Electric / Indicators

Small in size, big in vision

Clearview Compact Mirrors combine a more petite mirror frame with a single-lens glass to offer big vision.
Clearview Compacts are true replacement mirrors, designed to use the same holes, fittings, and wiring (when applicable) as your original mirrors for plug & play installation. All Clearview Towing Mirrors are engineered specifically for each vehicle and feature most of the same functionality as the vehicle’s original mirrors.
The Clearview Compact Towing Mirror is the smallest towing mirror which sits on a double slide and slides right back into the vehicle when not towing, just like an OEM mirror.
The Compact Mirrors extend out as far as the Clearview Original Mirrors but retract to virtually the factory profile of the standard mirrors they replace!
When set to their normal driving position, the mirrors remain unobtrusive during your daily commute when you don’t need extended mirrors, or when you need to fit into tight spaces.
For a clearer view of your set up when towing or reversing, Clearview’s Compact Mirrors extend a full 180mm, extending your field of vision to help see you to your destination safely.

Compact Towing Mirrors Features:

– Mirror size and driving position comparable to OEM mirrors
– Telescopic 2-stage extension provides 2 towing positions to choose from, and won’t retract when driving at high speeds or when passing large trucks.
– Large convex single mirror reduces the objects that it reflects, allowing the driver to have a much wider field view and diminishing blind spots.
– Functions great on smaller vehicles with service bodies
– Single mirror models are recommended for vehicles with large canopies or for towing anything under 15ft.
– Extends up to 180mm for towing

Clearview towing mirrors fold inwards or outwards if accidently struck whilst 4WDing or parked.

– fold towards door
– standard driving position
– fold towards bonnet
– Clearview mirrors mount securely in the same position as your original mirrors. They are true replacement mirrors, designed to use the same holes, fittings, and wiring (when applicable) as your original mirrors for plug & play installation.

Included Features:
Electric: Clearview Mirrors support vertical and horizontal adjustment of the mirror glass to suit your preferred viewing angles. The single mirror model offers electric adjustment of the mirror and the double mirror models allow for the larger top mirror to be electrically adjusted. The bottom mirror is manually adjusted. Only available for vehicles with pre-existing electric feature.
Indicators: Lights in the side of the mirror will flash to notify others that you have intentions to change lanes or turn. Clearview indicator mirror models include clear indicator lens with amber LED lights. 10 LED lights inside lens. Only available for vehicles with pre-existing indicator feature. *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle.