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Clearview Easy Slide ES-220 PLUS 965 x 690


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What is the Clearview Easy Slide?

The Clearview Easy Slide is an ADR and OHS compliant quality-designed product that can be easily installed in your vehicle, so you have easy access to cold food and drinks no matter where you’re going. This state-of-the-art fridge lowering slide is easy to use and access from the back of your vehicle or from within your canopy.

Simply unlock the travel lock mechanism, pull down on the yellow ergonomic slide quick release runner levers and pull the fridge towards you to full extension. A gas strut-assisted vertical scissor lift action and safety latch system then allows for safe and easy lowering of your fridge, providing convenient access to its contents.

Smoothly lowers the fridge up to 290mm, with the option of 3 different platform heights to choose from.

– Unobtrusive handle allows for uninterrupted access to your fridge
– 180Kg load rating to support a fully loaded fridge or our very own kitchen/pantry (Use ES100-PLUS model)
– Quick release double runners and heavy duty Travel Lock that is guaranteed not to rattle!
– Safety locking mechanism prevents sudden upward/downward movements
– Monster 1500N gas struts neutralise fridge weight
– Patented Aussie Design
– Crash tested and ADR compliant
– Adjustable Fridge Cage available to suit
– 37kg net weight – 40Kg gross weight when packaged

Base: 813mm x 550mm
Base including lock length: 846mm x 550mm
Tray: 738mm x 390mm
Slide Travel: 933mm

Base: 813mm x 620mm
Base including lock length: 846mm x 620mm
Tray: 738mm x 460mm
Slide Travel: 933mm

Base: 965mm x 690mm
Base including lock length: 1005mm x 690mm
Tray: 885mm x 530mm
Slide Travel: 1085mm