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Car Builders Van Seal 10sq/m


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Van Seal is the final barrier designed to create a sealed inner cocoon in your van. Van Seal will prevent thermal bridging, stopping any radiant heat in its tracks. Simply line the whole inside of your van from floor to ceiling before structurally lining walls, floor and ceilings.

– 10m x 1m
– 4mm thick closed cell foam
– Durable, reflective coating on both sides
– Tear resistant to bridge over open panels

– Recommended order of insulation:
Van sheet metal ➜ Stage 1 Sound Deadener ➜ Van Liner ➜ try to leave an air gap here ➜ Van Seal
To attach to walls you can use our Premium Spray adhesive
To seal off any joins or gaps use our Van Liner tape

– Lightweight and super flexible
– Outperforms impractical materials such as reflectix (chrome bubble wrap) or foam boards
– Cuts super easy with scissor and knife
– Silver PET face further prevents any heat being emitted into the vehicle
– Does not rot or deteriorate
– Does not squeak whilst driving