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Car Builders Premium Under Bonnet Insulation


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Car Builders Underbonnet Insulation, the ideal solution for vehicle enthusiasts aiming to protect their vehicle’s bonnet from the detrimental effects of engine heat and reduce engine noise. This product is the ideal choice for updating worn insulation pads or equipping older restoration vehicles that lack original insulation, ensuring the preservation and longevity of your bonnet’s paint.
Manufactured with attention to quality, Car Builders insulation demonstrates high durability and flexibility, conforming to any bonnet shape. Made from polyester fibre and equipped with a self-adhesive backing for straightforward, secure installation, it stands up to high-pressure washing, maintaining its integrity and aesthetic appeal over time.

Durability: Withstands high-pressure washing, maintaining its condition and appearance.
Flexibility: Easily conforms to complex bonnet shapes for a precise fit.
Heat Resistance: Provides robust protection against engine heat, rated up to 405°F (207°C).
Safety: Constructed from non-ignitable materials to enhance vehicle safety.
Sleek Appearance: Offers a professional, 100% black finish that complements any vehicle.
Easy Installation: Features a self-adhesive backing for a secure and enduring fit.
Size Variability: Available in standard (1550mm x 1000mm, 5.5mm thick) and extra-large (1800mm x 1310mm) sizes to accommodate a wide range of vehicles.

Car Builders’ Underbonnet Insulation not only protects your bonnet from heat and noise but also significantly improves the overall look and feel of your vehicle.
What is the purpose of a bonnet insulation pad?
Bonnet insulation pads are designed to shield the underside of the vehicle’s bonnet from the high temperatures generated by the engine. This helps to prevent damage to the paintwork and material of the bonnet while also dampening engine noise for a quieter drive.

What are the signs that I need to replace my bonnet insulation pad?
Indicators that a bonnet insulation pad needs replacing include significant wear and tear, such as the material breaking down or coming loose, an increase in engine noise, or signs of heat damage on the bonnet’s paintwork.

Will Car Builders bonnet insulation pad fit my vehicle?
Yes, Car Builders’ Underbonnet Insulation is designed to fit any vehicle. The versatile nature of this peel-and-stick product allows you to create a custom template to fit any bonnet perfectly. Whether your goal is to cover the entire bonnet or to fill in specific sections, the generously sized sheets can be easily cut to suit your desired design and then applied.

Install Tips and tricks:
Preparation: Begin by measuring the area of your bonnet where the insulation will be applied. Cut the insulation sheet slightly larger than this area, adding an extra 5cm-10cm margin. This extra length accommodates the additional material needed to cover the contours and curves of the bonnet. Ensure the bonnet has been cleaned with a wax and grease remover and that it is free of any surface residue.
Application Start Point: Identify the centre of the bonnet as your starting point. Partially peel back the insulation’s backing to expose the adhesive in the middle section only. This approach allows for easier handling and positioning.
Gradual Installation: Affix the exposed adhesive part of the insulation to the centre of the bonnet first. Then, gradually work your way outwards, peeling the backing and rolling the material down with an application roller as you go. Ensure that the product is not stretched but rather fed into concave areas.
Final Trimming: Once the insulation is fully applied, use a sharp blade to trim the excess material at the edges. It’s crucial to cut precisely along the desired boundary while being careful not to damage the bonnet’s paintwork. If any air bubbles are trapped, you can carefully pierce with a blade to release air and then firmly roll down.

Sheet size: 1500mm x 1000mm
Thickness: 5.5mm
Temperature resistance: 405°F (207°C)
Flame-retardant: Yes, meets MVSS 302