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Car Builders Premium Titanium Exhaust Wrap 25mm B


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Car Builders Header Wrap works to keep internal heat in the header pipes and reduce heat radiating through. This will protect vital engine bay components and help to reduce the radiant heat from entering the interior of the vehicle. Additionally, by retaining exhaust heat in the pipes the velocity of the internal gas is maintained creating greater exhaust pressure and flow.

Black Titanium Header Wrap is constructed from pulverized lava rock, extruded into fibres and then woven into the tightest of weaves. This fibre is then dyed black offering a unique appearance and superior performance compared to fibreglass wraps. Black titanium exhaust wrap is our premium thermal wrap, superior to other materials. It is stronger, more pliable and offers the highest protection in this product range. Capable of withstanding 1200°C continuous this is the only header wrap suitable for turbo engines.

You do not need to wet this when applying – whilst it is a fibre, it is not fibreglass
All header wrap rolls include 6 x stainless cable ties ready for installation
Upon first start up after applying the wrap, it is common for the header wrap to smoke as the wrap settles into position and any contaminants are burnt off

NOTE: Black titanium wrap is recommended for turbo setups due to the extreme temperature exposure.

Pipe Diameter Suggested Wrap Width
19mm – 45mm (3/4 – 1 3/4″) 25mm (1″)
45mm – 100mm (1 3/4 – 4″) 50mm (2″)

How much do I need?
For a typical 4 into 1 header from the manifold down to the collector we recommend:
1 x 25mm width roll for the primary pipes
1 x 50mm width roll for the secondary pipes to the collector

Installation tips:
– Wear protective eyewear, a dust mask, and gloves.
– Clean the exhaust pipes thoroughly to remove dust, oils and grease before applying the wrap
– Leave the sewn edge exposed and overlap the adjacent edge.
– Aim for a minimum of 25% overlap
– A hose clamp can be used to maintain tension and allow for pausing during the installation
– Aim for the tightest wrap with the maximum tension possible
– When finishing the wrap, neatly cut the end and fold it back on itself before securing in place with Click Ties. Concealing cut ends will create a neater finish and prevent fraying

Width: 25mm
Length: 15.0m
Temperature resistance: 1200°C continuous
Material: Pulverised volcanic rock