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ARB TPMS SII Integrated Display Unit only No Linx


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ARB has released a new Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that gives you all the information you need from the comfort of the driver’s seat; helping avoid dangerous, costly, and inconvenient tire blowouts. Monitoring up to nine tires (perfect for towing applications), the latest in TPMS offers pre-set on and off-road pressure alarms for instant cross-terrain configuration.

Customers can choose between either an internal or external sensor set-up. The internal sensor kit comes with five sensors as standard. Internal sensors run inside the tire valve, meaning they aren’t visible, and offer improved protection from knocks on the road. The external sensor kit comes with four sensors with additional sensors able to be purchased separately. It offers easier installation and greater flexibility due to the simplicity of the valve cap replacement design.

Both sensors use audible and visual alarms for tire leakage, low pressure, high temperature, high pressure, low-battery voltage and variations of +/- 25% of the set monitored psi. The internal sensors have a battery life up to five years while the external sensor will last up to two years and can be replaced.

The capability to select between two profiles, on road and off road, offers a quick setting change for pressure monitoring without having to arduously change the TPMS to the on road or off road pressures.

The new ARB TPMS can monitor up to five tires as standard, with an option to add the trailer repeater to monitor up to an extra four tires to give you full visibility across your whole set up.

Pressure monitoring ranges from 5-30psi for off road and 23-80psi for on road to ensure that your TPMS is working with you for a full spectrum of off-roading, touring, commuting, and towing circumstances.

Another feature is the ability to independently monitor front and rear axles, meaning you can now set different pressures on the rear tires to the front and still benefit from the features of the TPMS.

The previously mentioned trailer repeater can be battery operated or optionally hard-wired to the vehicle and can monitor the trailer alone without the vehicle sensors fitted if desired. Communication range is tested to 98 feet and will automatically connect when the vehicle is started.