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ARB Summit MKII Bull Bars Toyota LC300 Series

Vehicle Fitment:
Toyota - Landcruiser 300 Series 21+

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Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series

The ARB Summit MKII Bar muscles up with the most Innovative and advanced technology yet, all while fully integrating with the suite of advanced driver assist safety technology that are available on newer vehicles. The state-of-the-art Summit MKII Bar takes key components of its flagship namesake and kicks It up a notch with an ultra-modern design that’s constructed to turn heads.
The Summit MKII has eliminated front buffers and now has robot welds on the front face of the bar to highlight ARB’s excellence in sheet metal fabrication. Fog light design has been significantly updated to include a plug and play sequential indicator / clearance light / daytime running light and fog light within one complete unit for an integrated approach to incorporate these requirements on modern vehicles.