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ARB Intensity Solis 36 Lens Cover Black


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ARB Intensity SOLIS 36 Driving Light Cover – Black Lens
The ARB Intensity SOLIS is a welcomed update to an iconic Australian driving light, producing clean and crisp light with further-refined color temp on the LED. This helps reduce eye strain and fatigue on long-distance driving while reaching amazing distances down the road to improve safety. With the new updates to the ARB Intensity SOLIS driving lights, spot and flood combinations are excellent choices providing a long throw and wide beam. Continuing a tradition of never compromising, superior-grade electronics and LEDs, first-class ARB active-thermal management, new grades of paint finishes for the bezels, and optimized lens and optic configurations, the ARB Intensity range of lights continues to sets new standards in vehicle lighting.

Whether you are looking to increase the brightness of your headlights, upgrade to something nice, or just add some accessory lighting to your ride, we have all the parts you need to upgrade the lighting on your vehicle.
Light covers and guards are designed to protect your lights from sun damage or other extreme elements while they are not in use. Some states may also require that you use light covers while your off-road lights are not in use.