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ARB Soft Connect shackle 14.5T


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Staying safe is paramount in a recovery situation. Having gear that is correctly rated protects your family, friends and vehicle, and of course should be front of mind when selecting recovery equipment for your situation.

Manufactured using UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecule Weight Polyethylene) high tensile CE certified synthetic rope, is ARB’s updated Soft Connect Shackle. UHMWPE rope is used in many of the synthetic rope applications on winches and purpose-built tow straps. Rated at 14.5T (31,967lbs) breaking strength, the ARB Soft Connect Shackle is engineered to float in water, be resistant to short term UV radiation and provide superior strength.

Updating the protection to the rope, the UHMWPE synthetic rope is encased in a high tensile braided shield. The braided shield provides improved abrasion resistance when in use.

By passing the large ball end knot through the open loop, the loop tightens around the knot when used and pulls securely against the large formed knot during the recovery. The knot cannot let go and loop tightens securely around the knot forming the connection (Image 1). The ARB Soft Connect Shackle is suitable for vehicles up to 3.5T GVM (7,716lbs) and breaking strain of 14.5T (31,967lbs).

The ARB Soft Connect Shackle is designed to act as a fuse in a recovery situation, breaking generally before any rated metal components it’s attached to should break at. This removes flying metal projectiles in recovery situations and provides a safer recovery for not only persons involved in the recovery, but also any bystanders. The shackle also provides flexibility for attaching your strap to a rated recovery point on your vehicle. As always, we recommend following correct recovery procedures and put safety first.

Protecting and storing your ARB Soft Connect Shackle when not in use is easy with the included drawstring carry bag. The bag incorporates a mesh and nylon case to allow for sufficient drying, as well as protecting and providing easy storage in your recovery kit. Retail packaging has been updated and consists of a new anti-tamper packaging that is sealed with a tear off top.

– 14.5T/(31,967lbs) breaking strength, suitable for vehicles up to 3.5T (7,716lbs)
– UV resistant properties + water resistant & designed to float
– Updated – braided outside shield
– Updated – longer size to suit more conditions
– Updated – slide lock loop, no draw string
– Flexible – attaches to most rated recovery points
– Manufactured from CE certified high tensile UHMWPE (ISO 2307)
– Safer than a steel shackle when used correctly
– Instructions printed on storage bag, as well as included in handy print form
– Fits in most storage spots in your vehicle, door pockets, glove boxes & no rattles
– Technical Specifications

Steel Shackles VS Soft Shackles
Class 6 steel shackles are manufactured for the lifting industry and have a published working load limit (e.g., WLL 4.75t). To achieve this rating, they must have a breaking strength that is at least 6 times the WLL.  Soft shackles have a published breaking strength (e.g.14.5T). This breaking strength is similar to the rating of a synthetic winch rope or snatch strap where the value represents the point where a new product will fail. Wear and/or moisture can cause a reduction in breaking strength. Soft Shackles will break if overstressed, but this is a much safer alternative to if a steel shackle breaks or becomes overstressed.