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ARB Recovery Kit – Premium SII


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When your vehicle is stuck in knee deep mud, bogged in the desert during sweltering temperature or having to recover your mate off the beach, reliability, performance and durability of your recovery gear is paramount. You can rely on ARB recovery products for your vehicle’s safety.

The ARB Premium Recovery Kit includes everything the off-roader needs to get started. Whether it be a simple snatch recovery or a more serious winch recovery, the ARB premium recovery kit has it all. ARB’s premium recovery kit represents exceptional value and a savings over purchasing each component individually.

The ARB Premium Recovery Kit is a complete and versatile boxed kit that comes pre-assembled with everything you could possibly need on your off-road adventure. Used with recoveries ranging from the straight-forward snatch to the difficult winch, this recovery kit is suitable for all winching projects, however ambitious.

Brimming with a comprehensive range of accessories created with your safety in mind, this recovery kit will serve you well in any situation. It comes with a winch line dampener that absorbs kinetic energy in the event that the winch line should break, as well as a tree trunk protector, for minimal damage to your environment; all this in a premium carrying bag to house the kinetic snatch strap, the extension strap, the snatch block and the two shackles. Packaged in a sturdy color carton, the kit weighs in at under 35lbs. Not only is it jam-packed with essential winching equipment, but it’s also a cost-effective alternative to buying all these parts separately.

ARB’s premium recovery kit comes in our large winch pack and includes a snatch strap, winch extension strap, tree trunk protector, snatch block, recovery damper, bow shackles and gloves.

Fully Loaded Recovery Kit
With an ARB premium recovery kit you have the peace of mind of carrying a purpose-built recovery bag filled with a selection of items that will come in handy the next time you get stuck
Every four wheel driver knows recovery gear is vital and this kit is perfect as a start up pack or as a convenient way of storing all the essentials

17,600lbs snatch strap
9,900lbs winch extension strap
26,000lbs tree trunk protector
19,800lbs snatch block
Recovery damper
Recently Upgraded Winch pack storage bag
Two 4.75T bow shackles
Recovery gloves