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ARB Intensity V2 AR40 Light Bar Combination


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Engineered in Australia and manufactured in the United States using the same patented lens/reflector technology as ARB’s existing Intensity LED driving lights, the ARB Intensity V2 LED light bar utilises Hyperspot optics and advanced flood optics to intensify the light output of the 40 OSRAM LEDs (2 rows of 20) encased in a virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens and powder coated, extruded aluminium body with high-pressure die-cast end caps.

Designed to integrate with the top tube of the bull bar, the AR40 V2’s extruded alloy housing wraps around the tube, providing a low-profile integration with the bar work to maximise airflow to the cooling system and reduce obstructions. Its unique tube clamp mounting system sits out of view and delivers incredible stability for off-road use, eliminating vibration while being adjustable so that it won’t interfere with aerial mounting tabs, leaving them free to be used for their intended function.

Performance is paramount, with a heat sink that has over 435,000 mm² of surface area, allowing the light bar to dissipate heat quickly and operate at optimum efficiency even when the vehicle is stationary or at low speed.

Integral to the design is a range of virtually indestructible, moulded polycarbonate covers, hard-coated for scratch and UV resistance and available in a range of colours to further enhance protection from the elements.

To provide an intense amount of light in all driving conditions, the AR40 Intensity V2 Light Bar utilises OSRAM Giant LEDs to produce up to 25,080 lumens of raw light output (AR40CV2). For a single AR40CV2 combo, this means a light throw of 926m @ 1Lux and 40m of spread across the front of the vehicle. Plus, the warmer colour temperature (5700K) assists driver comfort and reduces eye fatigue.

A refined optic used to focus and intensify the light output as well as drive the OSRAM LEDs a great distance down the road, the Hyperspot™ technology also maintains clarity in the beam and controls the beam pattern to the correct area without spilling into unnecessary areas

– Input 9-36V DC
– Current Draw 21A at 14.4V
– Lux at 1m 926
– Operating Temperature -40°C to 63°C (-40°F to 145°F)
– Weight 4.05kg
– Power 305W
– Output 25,080 raw lumens
– Spread 6° spot / 20° flood
– Colour Temperature 5700K