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ARB Intensity V2 AR32 Spot


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Introducing the ARB Intensity V2 that incorporates the latest optic and LED technology with subtle styling enhancements— the ARB Intensity Light has been reborn. The Intensity V2 uses the same optimal chassis design as the previous generation, incorporating the latest in LED technology—OSRAM GIANTS. The Intensity spot-light configuration uses advanced optics via the latest Hyperspot technology. The Intensity flood-light configuration has been updated to spread the light further down the road. Pairing the spot and flood combination will give long-range visibility and shoulder-to-shoulder visibility.

Hyperspot is a refined optic used to focus and intensify light output. It also drives the LED OSRAM GIANTS down the road while maintaining clarity and controlling the beam pattern. OSRAM GIANTS large LED chips provides a considerable amount of light output. One of the advantages of the OSRAM GIANTS is the amount of power that can be driven into the LED. Power has been pushed to 165W per light for the AR32s and 105W for the AR21s. This produces 20,000 lumens of raw-light output for the AR32s and 13,170 lumens for the AR21s.

The new V2 driving lights’ power draw requires a new loom, so ARB designed a harness with high-current wiring and components capable of to handling up to 40 amps.

Intelligent thermal management in the LEDs and the PCB board are a critical design component of Intensity lights. To maximize cooling, the die-cast aluminum body acts as a heat sink and allows the dissipation of heat from the LEDs quickly.

The ARB Intensity V2 are a welcomed update to an iconic Australian driving light. Producing clean, crisp light with refined color temp on the LED helps reduce eye strain and fatigue on long distance drives while reaching substantial distances down the road. Continuing a tradition of never compromising, superior grade electronics and LEDs, first-class active-thermal management, new grades of paint finishes for the bezels, and optimized lens and optic configurations, the ARB Intensity V2 driving lights continue to set the industry standard in vehicle lighting.

– High-pressure cast-aluminum body
– Virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens
– Hard-coated durable-polycarbonate protective cover
– High-powered OSRAM square LEDs
– Hyperspot LED technology for spot configurations
– 50,000hr lifespan • Gore-Tex® breather with pressure tested seals
– Reverse-polarity voltage protection
– MIL810-STDG vibration certified (Exceeds military spec)
– ROHS compliant
– Dust and waterproof to IP68
– Submersible to 9.8ft
– Over-and-under voltage protection
– Integrated thermal management system
– Protected against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic (EMC) interference
– Multi-position stainless steel mounting brackets.

AR21V2 Includes:
1 x Clear cover
1 x Stainless steel mounting bracket
1 x Mounting-hardware kit