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ARB Touring Cable Guide


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Messy and pinched cables for your fridge or batteries are now a thing of the past with the ARB Cable guide accessory. Guiding your cables, a nylon cable track prevents pinching and keeps it from being crushed by fridge rollers or frayed on sharp points. The cable guide provides an enclosed track for your fridge or battery cables to seamlessly move with the sliding motion of the fridge roller and prevents cables dropping down into your drawer below or getting caught on your cargo while in motion. Using two powder-coated brackets to assist with mounting and aligning of the cable guide, it assists in positioning your cables before they enter the cable runner. Suitable for use with most automotive cables and ARB roller floors (RF), (RFH) and (RDRF) drawer modules of any size. The cable guide can be shortened to accommodate fridge size and drawer length. It includes an S Bracket suitable for RDRF applications while the flat bracket is suitable for RF/RFH modules with RFFKADP adaptors. Cables can be run under side floors or power outlets added to the side floors for a more professional finish and free from moving cargo.

Features & Benefits
– Keeps Cables From Being Tangled Damaged And Free from Cargo
– Suits Most Fridge 12V Power Cables And Automotive Cables
– Steel Brackets With Hardware Finished In Black Powder Coat
– 1000mm Length Suitable For All Arb Drawer Systems
– Length Can Be Adjusted To Suit Drawer Travel
– Great Add-On Accessory To Any Drawer And Fridge Purchase