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ARB Deluxe Sahara Bull Bars Nissan Navara NP300

Vehicle Fitment:
Nissan - Frontier, Nissan - Navara NP300 15-20

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Suits Nissan Navara NP300 & Frontier 2015-2018

Sharing many of the strength related features of a Deluxe bar, including ARB’s five fold upswept and tapered wing profile, the Sahara bar offers a different look without sacrificing practicality.

Like the Deluxe bar, the Sahara bar also provides a solid platform for adding other accessories such as winches, driving lights and CB antennas.

Available either with or without the polished centre tube (on most newer models), as well as indicators and optional fog lights (LED or halogen), the Sahara bar offers owners greater flexibility in creating their desired look.

The furthest most point from the chassis and often the point of impact in an animal strike, the wing area is by far the most vulnerable. ARB pioneered the multi fold upswept and tapered wing design, which provides an enormous amount of strength and maintains an optimum approach angle.
The mounting system is a vital part of any ARB bull bar design. ARB’s mounting systems are specifically engineered to spread impact and winching loads evenly over the vehicle’s chassis. This ensures the bull bar functions properly in extreme conditions.
Mounting a winch to a vehicle requires a properly supported structure that is designed to accommodate the stresses of winching. When using a snatch block to increase winching capacity, the forces are multiplied to several times the rated capacity of the winch. Most ARB bars feature the option of fitting a winch, and all are designed and tested to endure and exceed such loads.
Eliminating the need for a mounting bracket, High-Lift jacking points are integrated into the design of most ARB bull bars. These points also enable easier access to the clutch lever when unspooling wire or synthetic rope before winching.
An optional polished or painted centre tube offers a different look to the more traditional bull bar design. An internal mandrel bender is used to shape the centre tube, ensuring even wall thickness throughout.